Revised Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (RANM)

[Affiliated to Indian Nursing Council and Maharashtra Nursing Council]

The Revised Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery programme is of two years duration leading to a diploma as Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife.
The R.A.N.M. Programme intends to prepare skilled female health worker to work in both urban and rural communities to improve the health system and health status of India.

The purpose of the RANM/FHW course is to prepare an RANM to function at community level / village with specific skills to fulfill the health needs of the community. She will be an active link between the community and health care system.

Two (2) years full time.

30 students per annum.

Medium of Instruction – English

The candidates should have passed 12th standard. Candidate should complete 17 years of age. The age limit is up to 35 years. Admission is subject to satisfactory health status of the candidate.

Admission procedure
Admission is based on merit and interview at Institute.

As per Shikshan Shulk Samiti

Highly qualified full time faculty and external lecturers approved by the Maharashtra Nursing Council.

Internal Assessment at institute and final examination is conducted by the Maharashtra Nursing Council every year.

Standard of passing
Fifty percent marks in both Internal and external examination.

Practical Training
Each student has to undergo the clinical experience prescribed by Indian Nursing Council and Maharashtra Nursing Council each year with 95-100% attendance.

Affiliating bodies

  • The Government of Maharashtra
  • Maharashtra Nursing Council, Mumbai
  • Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi