AQAR 2021-22

Criteria 1

1.1.1 Any other relevant information
1.1.1 Curriculum Committee Meeting Minutes
1.2.2 Details of students enrolled
1.2.2 First Aid Cert
1.2.2 Any other relevant information
1.3.1 List of courses with descriptions

Criteria 2

2.3.3 LMS academic management system final
2.2.3 Extra mural activity final
2.3.3 list of teacher using ICT enabled tools final
2.3.3 Details of ICT enabled tool Final
2.5.3. Reform in the process and procedure in the conduct of evaluation examination final
2.5.1 Academic calendar and internal assessment Final
2.6.1 Documents pertaining LO and Method of assessment Final
2.3.5 The teaching learning process of the institution nurtures creativity, analytical skills and innovation among students final
2.6.4 PTA minutes

Criteria 3

1 LIST of awards
2 E copies of awards
1 Activities report
2 Geo tag PHOTOS

Criteria 4

4.1.1 List of available teaching learning facilities
4.1.2 List of available sports and cultural facilities
4.2.1. List of Hospital Facilities
4.3.1 Geotag photos of library facilities
4.3.1 Library software details with receipts
4.3.2 Geotag photos of library ambiance
4.3.2 Library Aquisition Details
4.3.2 other relevent lists
4.3.5 Best Practices of Library
4.3.5 Library Programms 2021-22
4.3.5 Usage of library and e resources
4.3.6 link
4.4.2 Documents related to updation of IT and Wi-Fi facilities
4.5.2 log book or other records regarding maintenance work
4.5.2 minutes if the meetings of the maintenance committee

Criteria 5

5.4.1 Alumni meeting minutes
5.4.1 Annual report of alumni 21-22
5.4.1 registration of alumni association

Criteria 6

6.1.1 Achievements which led to institutional excellance
6.1.1 Any other information associaion
6.1.1 Vision and mission documents approved by the college bodies
6.1.2 Organograms & college committees
6.2.1 Minutes of college council
6.2.1 Organisation MKSSS & BTINE
6.2.1 Strategic plan documents (Perspective plan of 2021-25)
6.3.1 List of beneficieries of welfare measure
6.3.1 Policy documents on staff welfare measures
6.3.5 Performance appraisal for non teaching staff
6.3.5 Performance appraisal for teaching staff 2021-22
6.4.1 Resource mobilization policy documents
6.4.1 Resource utilization documents 2021-22
6.4.2 Audit report for 2021-2022

Criteria 7

7.1.2 Annual gender sensitization plan 21-22
7.1.2 Any other relevant info- photos of the facility
7.1.2 Specific facilities provided for women (1)
7.1.3 Geotagged photos weblink
7.1.4 Agreements with approved agencies
7.1.4 Geo tag photo of the facilities
7.1.5 Geo tag Photos
7.1.6 Geotagged photos of the facilities
7.1.8 Supporting documents
7.1.8 Relevant document
7.1.9 Weblink of code of ethics and conduct

Criteria 8

8.1.1 Additional information
8.1.1 Policy on use of clinical skills and simulation labs
8.1.1 Simulation feedback
8.1.3 Final Link
8.1.3 quality of care and patient safety practices follwed by teaching hospital
8.1.6 Additional information College facility utilized
8.1.6 list of college facility used new
8.1.6 List of institutions utilzing college facility new
8.1.7 Community oriented activity compress