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Arts circle

Cultural Activities
The cultural cell of the institute, a part of the Student Nurses Association, organizes various co-curricular activities throughout the year. Every year students organize college week under the interesting theme and various competitions are held. Students are encouraged to participate in various intercollegiate competitions.

Arts, songs, dance and sports
We organize every year college week for our students from which students can show their talents in various areas such as arts, dance, sports, knowledge and much more. The theme of the college week is decided by the students. Last year theme was “expression”.
We have college sports day in which students participate in various indoor and outdoor games as individual and group events, as chess, table tennis, 100 meter running, relay, lemon and spoon, javelin throw, discuss throw, kho kho kabaddi, volleyball, cricket and tug of war.

Centre for human excellence

Discussion on social issues
The social issues are regularly discussed with the students by experts like counselors, police inspectors, management committee members, sociologists on the topics such as child safety, women safety, female feticide, prevention of drug abuse, violence etc.

Mind games
These are critical thinking games conducted by the faculty for students. For example, what would you do if an elderly patient becomes confused?

Web Screening
It is displayed by the faculty on topics like cadaver dissection in anatomy, obstetrics, normal labor, fertilization, fetal circulation and healthy mind on You Tube & Google for the students during lectures.

Seminars are conducted on regular basis by faculty on various topics related to academics for example nursing process, comprehensive nursing care, nursing ethics, current treatment modalities in all the areas.

Other Various Activities

The institute provides the opportunity for workplace experience which enhances student’s awareness of social and cultural diversities in various specialty clinical areas and in community area.

Elocution and Debate
Elocution means addressing people on any particular topic or matter and it is an expert manner of speaking involving control of voice and gestures, debate means a discussion which is argued with one another while thinking carefully and it must be in friendly way. At the institute both are encouraged to develop exposure and confidence amongst students. Some of the topics are female feticide, women’s empowerment, nursing as a profession, critical thinking etc

Play reading
The role plays, street plays, quiz and games, modeling written demonstrations, imitations and problem solving are regularly implemented in the institute.

Play production
Bed side manners are taught through various plays, like patient safety, patient transportation, admission, discharge process and play therapy are organized for the students as a teaching learning activity by the faculty. Stage plays are organized on various health awareness and social issues in the community.

Monologue competitions
are arranged during cultural events

Story telling
Stories are used as teaching learning activity and competitions as a part of cultural events.

Indian folk theatre
During community posting puppet shows, projects are displayed e.g. HIV/AIDS prevention, female feticide, swine flu and dengue awareness etc.


All festivals are celebrated in the institute

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