Community services and extension services
Aims: Students will be able to provide preventive, promotive curative, rehabilitative and restorative health services to community people.
Objectives: Students will be able to:
• Identify health needs and problems of individual and family.
• Provide preventive, promotive curative and restorative services to community people.
• Build and maintain good rapport with individual, families and health team members.
• Identify and utilize community health resources.
• Demonstrate skill of health teaching and counseling to individual, family and community.
• Practice nursing skill under supervision and guidance.
• Encourage to participate in various national health programmes.

Cultural Committee
Cultural committee of BTINE has arranged various cultural activities including fresher’s party, college week, SNA intercollegiate and state level competitions in collaboration with SNA. Our students has participated various cultural related activities actively.
Aim: The main aim of the cultural committee is to build up their talent and creativity.
The students will be able to:
1. Arrange various cultural programmes (fresher’s party, college week, etc.).
2. Plan and co-coordinating all the cultural activities in time.
3. Build up their talent and creativity.
4. Participate in cultural activities at local, state national and international level.

Discipline committee

The discipline committee consists of various experts who ensure the implementation of rules and regulations by every student for smooth functioning of the institute.
The student will maintain discipline in college, clinic and whenever goes for competitions in other institutes.
1. The student will be able to revise the rules and regulations of the college.
2. The student will be able to understand the need for rules and regulations of the college.
3. The students will follows all the rules and regulation of the college.
4. The students will understand the need for punishment for malpractices and misbehavior either in clinic or in college.

Hostel Committee
Students of BTINE are admitted in the Sir Sassoon David Hostel during their course. Hostel is well ventilated and equipped with all materials; hostel has four floor building with capacity of 78 rooms and at present almost all students is admitted in the hostel. Mess is also having good sitting arrangement for students and providing qualitative food in adequate amount.
Students will be able to stay safely in healthy environment and live together with mutual understanding.
Students will be able to:
• Devote adequate time to their studies and research.
• Learn to live together and strength their relations with mutual cooperation and goodwill as they come from different parts of the country.
• Utilize different facilities available to them.
• Participate in different co-curricular activities and extracurricular activities.
• Enjoy good quality food that keeps them fit and healthy.
• Maintain conducive atmosphere for study and interchange of thoughts and ideas.

Project Committee
As a part of curriculum every year students were assign to prepare different types of project work under the guidance of teacher for better understanding of the specific topic in depth, which also allows to develop creativity and opportunities for expressing their views and ideas.
Aim: At the end of the project, the student will be able to gain in-depth knowledge regarding the specific topics and their application.
The students will be able to:
1. Prepare projects on different topics assigned to them.
2. Build up their creativity.
3. Express views by using different methods.
4. Participate in conferences at local, state and national level.

Health committee
Health check-up is important for the student to maintain their health & it’s a part of physical development & also, increases efficiency in the work. So, annually we conduct health check-up for all students & the investigations.
To keep students healthy by providing timely preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services.
1. To perform health check – up.
2. To make aware about available health facilities.
3. To provide prompt medical & nursing assistance.
4. To maintain health records.
5. To conduct timely meetings.

National service scheme (NSS)
Aim: NSS student will be able to provide social services to the community.
Objectives: NSS student will be able to:
The objectives of the NSS could be classified under two broad categories:
A) Overall objectives
B) Specific Objectives

Overall objectives: The overall objective of the National Service Scheme is “Personality Development”.
Service to the community is the activity through which this objective is sought to be attained.

Specific Objectives:
The more specific objectives of the National Service Scheme are to arouse the
Students’ conscience and to provide him with the opportunity
• To work with and among people,
• To enhance his knowledge of himself and the community through confrontation with reality,
• To put his scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least some of the social problems.
• To engage in creative and constructive social action,

Research Committee
Research committee consists of expertise from various fields to ensure that research meets the high ethical and scientific standards expected by nursing profession. Ethical committee meeting held twice in a year for M.Sc. Nursing students’ title presentation and synopsis presentation. Staffs presented their research articles in various international/national/state conferences or journals. Undergraduate students are also encouraged to research project in a group and teachers are giving guidance to them.
Every staff and student of college should develop an empirical body of knowledge about research methodology and will be able to practice it in current and future progression of nursing profession.
1. To make aware the staff about research methodology.
2. Orient students of UG and PG about research methodology.
3. Encourage and guide to do dissertation as per requirement of curriculum.
4. Motivate staff to do small research and apply findings into daily practice.
5. Encourage and facilitate staff to apply for Ph.D. programme.
6. Publish dissertation and research work in journal magazine and newspaper.

Student Nurses Association (SNA) & student welfare committee
SNA is an associate organization of trained nurse association of India. The main idea behind the establishment of the SNA Association was to uphold in every way the dignity and honor of the nursing profession and to promote team spirit. SNA Unit encourages the budding nurses to participate in various activities and helps in physical, mental and spiritual health of every individual. SNA unit in MKSSS BAKUL TAMBAT INSTITUTE OF NURSING EDUCATION was established in the year 2001 under the guidance of our principal Dr. Meena Ganapathy.
Promoting an all-round development of the students with special attention to be intellectually enlightened, socially committed, emotionally balanced, and spiritually inspired and morally upright nurses, able to contribute their maximum for the uplift of the society and be effective agents of change for the better, in the present fast changing society.
1. To increase the students social contacts & general knowledge of the nursing profession in all its different branches and aspects.
2. Help the students to develop the leadership qualities that help them to reach miles in the field of nursing.
3. Strive for the upliftment of the students through professional educational and extracurricular activities.
4. To encourage both professional and recreational meetings, games and sports.
5. To encourage students to compete for prizes in the various competitions
6. To encourage students to attend national and regional conferences.
7. Promote a team spirit among all the students.

Activities of the SNA unit:
1. General body meeting where the students expressed their views and ideas for planning of various activities.
2. To conduct educational activities such as Quiz competition, AIDS day celebration.
3. Organization of sports, cultural, and fund raising and professional programmes such as college week, TNAI competitions and various other activities.

Sports Committee
The sports committee consist two sports in-charge and two student sports secretary who ensure that every student participating in any activity will get a chance to present her skills and abilities and perform to their best.
Students will be able to take part in various competitions and develop a leadership quality and improve their physical well-being.
1. To develop physical fitness of students.
2. To develop an understanding of the importance of sports.
3. To provide the opportunity to be inventive and creative in sports.
4. To develop an appreciation of the concepts of honest competition.
5. To develop the capacity to maintain the interest in sports.
6. To develop leadership skills and qualities.
7. To develop self-esteem and self-confidence.
8. To promote an understanding of physical and mental well-being.

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