Anti-ragging Policy

Ragging Free Environment:
‘Nursing’ is a noble profession. Its members are revered for their human values, compassion and consideration for their fellow human beings. Every nursing student shall therefore learn to be self-disciplined and observe rules and regulations as a matter of habit rather than fear of consequences. They shall at all times conduct themselves with proper dignity and decorum expected of a budding nurse.

The following instructions are framed to prevent the menace of ragging and foster healthy interpersonal relations among students in the Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha’s Smt Bakul Tambat Institute of Nursing Education, Pune.


  • Ragging is strictly forbidden in or outside the campus of MKSSS BTINE.
  • All students shall familiarize themselves with rules/regulations/guidelines on code of conduct, anti-ragging measures and discipline of MKSSS BTINE.
  • All ‘fresher’s should attend counseling sessions organized for them from time to time by the college staff.
  • All ‘fresher’s are allotted to ‘class coordinator’ by name. Students may approach him/her for personal/academic counseling and if required class coordinator may send student to discipline in charge / counselor.
  • Incidences of ragging can be reported to any member of Anti-ragging committee of the institute or to the class coordinator.
  • Any student who suffers ragging or notices occurrence of ragging shall immediately report the event to concerned authority.
  • Students may report incidence of ragging either orally or in writing which can take place in areas such as college, clinical area, hostel, and mess. They may also report the incidence in person or by phone. Anonymity of the caller will be maintained.
  • The institute has identified some senior students as ‘Mentor’. List of these students is placed on all notice boards of the college. A fresher may choose any one of them as his buddy. He/she will provide emotional and peer support to the fresher in coping with institutional transition.
  • Hostel and mess timing and rules and regulation will be specified for the fresher.
  • If any student is found to be ragging the junior student, she will be rusticated from the college and handed over to the police for action.